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On Aug 04, 2016, by Joint Venture Jewelry

Picture your jewelry box. Open it and you see beautiful Joint Venture Jewelry rings, necklaces, maybe some inherited bracelets and earrings… and then there's that brooch you never know what to do with. Well ladies, that gorgeous pin isn’t going to collect dust anymore! Pull it out and let me tell you some trendy ways to accessorize with it!

The Jean Brooch


On Aug 18, 2016, by Joint Venture Jewelry

Ever wonder what style engagement ring you are meant to wear? Time to find out! Take the Joint Venture Jewelry Wedding Style Quiz: 

Which style were you lead to? Find out what each style means below, pictures included!

Classic Princess

Hello beautiful! Your engagement ring style is soft, subtle, timeless...

On Aug 30, 2016, by Joint Venture Jewelry

Multiple ear piercings - the newest trend that’s not just for teens and 20-somethings! Piercers are seeing an increase in 30- and 40-something women coming to them for multiple piercings at a time. Piercings have become more socially acceptable than tattoos because they’re still rebellious, but not too much. Unlike a tattoo, you can change your earrings to match your mood - bonus!...