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On Oct 09, 2015, by Joint Venture Jewelry

When it comes to engagement rings, we all know the current “tradition” - diamond, diamond, diamond! Recently, more couples are looking into colored gemstones. Whether they like the color or just want to do something different, there are so many options, it can be hard to decide!

Joint Venture Jewelry is here to make your choice easier. We’ll teach you a little bit about...

On Oct 20, 2015, by Joint Venture Jewelry

Trends rise and fall throughout our lives. Some jewelry trends we treasure, some we’re happy to say goodbye to! One year white gold is all the rage, the next Kate Middleton is only seen wearing yellow gold!

Looking at the 2015 Fall Pantone Colors, made me reminisce on the past when similar colors were in style! So… why not take a trip with me down...